"The Light to light up your Lifestyle - An experience with German Technology"

The only acceptable and still affordable alternative to the norm, to keep up with your latest lifestyle image.

Vega Licht is today's preferred choice of leading renowned Consultants, for sophisticated quality lighting which keeps its design at the leading edge of lighting technology to meet the latest demanding building requirements.

Design and performance is the key word in our lighting products, which is aestatically pleasing and yet performs the task designed for effectively and safely. A sophisticated product, which spells quality that is still affordable.

Lighting is not just a quantification of luminous flux, intensity, luminance or lux. It transcends between the boundaries of an exact science, and an abstract art which is able to create moods and feelings with the use of correct lighting, color, chroma and hue.

Lighting has a great impact on a design because it influences the appearance, tone and impression of every single object or space in a design. It can create or destroy the overall ambiance of a sophisticated design.

Very often lighting comes as an afterthought yet people are more than willing to spend extravagantly on the interior finishes to only throw it all away in the end with poor and inappropriate lighting which kills the total ambiance of the design.

Lighting needs to be considered at the beginning of the design process so that correct lighting is used to bring out what is planned for in the design in such a way that the interior finishes and décor is correctly lighted for both ambiance, accent and task.

New technologies have emerged in both lamps and luminaire giving interior designers and lighting consultants a tremendous variety of choices for lighting design.

Fluorescent lighting has gone through a tremendous shift and with energy considerations it is now a must in lighting design.


Lifestyles have also changed design concepts. Many designs are with an open space to space concept. New control systems have changed the way people use space. Good lighting design takes into account all of these technologies, needs and lifestyles.

Lighting design focuses on various types of lighting to accommodate the basic elements that require illumination namely, people, architecture and key objects such as art and collectables. The most important of these elements would be the lighting of the people who will use the space.

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