With sophistication comes technique, finesse and art to combine man and science into an art form, a statement to show that the consultants and end users as connoisseurs had arrived with an appreciation of the finer things in life.

Vega Licht in this latest catalogue have provided luminaires which appears unchanged from below the ceiling but is able to direct light and yet allow for different beam angles ie; to perform the task with a touch of finesse almost unnoticed from behind the scene.

Non adjustable wall wash luminaires to make rooms and space bigger than what it is, to create an illusion to the end user in an unobtrusive manner.

Luminaire using higher intensity lamps as well as the existing lamps for use in various ceiling heights ranging from high ceilings in grand ballrooms and lobbies to lower standard ceilings.

Combining this with the adjustable wall wash luminaires with variable beam angles Vega is now able to use the same perceived fitting to give even illumination even with areas of sloping ceilings.

Coupled with this we have also incorporated the ability to use Vega’s luminaires with Vega lenses and filters for various uses and effects.

Soft lens to create a wider and softer beam than what would normally be available with the lamps used.

Infra red filters to light up yet without heating up the target object of illumination.

Ultra Violet filters to filter out harmful ultra violet rays to especially sensitive and expensive artworks and also artworks which are vulnerable to heat.

Art lenses to transform circular light beams to elongated light beams so that the light is cut to fit the object of illumination.

Daylight conversion filters to recreate the impression of daylight even in a windowless room by changing the color of light from the lamp source.

The need to have bright spaces without glare even for low ceilings have prompted Vega to offer in this catalogue high powered compact fluorescent lamps and metal halide lamps with cross louvres and matt glass diffusers.

Another new addition to this catalogue is our range of Ingress Protected Series (I.P. rated) of luminaires which allows for use in wet environments and yet its pleasing design with stainless steel not only is aesthetically pleasing but also durable. An ideal for use in harsh environments.

For those who are interested in exterior luminaires, we have the Vega Exterior Catalogue to meet such a requirement.

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The luminaire plays a part to provide the following for effective task lighting: -
1. Adequate illumination of the task and its details.
2. The task area should also be free from unwanted reflections or glare.
3. The relative luminance of the task area and its surroundings - where task area should have slightly higher luminance than its surroundings.
4. Task visibility in special cases can be enhanced through the character or direction of the light or the avoidance of unnecessary distractions.


Wherever practicable some provision for natural light should be allowed but this always needs to be supplemented with artificial lighting to provide sufficient lighting for service illuminance. This is where the lighting product must supplement as well as complement the natural lighting.


To prevent excessive discomfort glare light must be limited in the angular zone from about 45° to 90° from the downward vertical.

Glare control is especially crucial in Video Display Terminal (VDT) areas where reflection can result in eyestrain, fatigue and a drop in productivity.

In general a cut off angle of 40° is sufficient for VDT use and in many countries there are different regulations governing the cut off angle based on the use and period of usage of the VDT. A 40° cut off angle will provide an even horizontal and vertical illuminance creating uniformity in lighting. With a high cut-off angle we would be able to achieve excellent glare control at the same time creating dramatic illuminance.

A low cut off angle would have less glare control but would be able to generate good illuminance.

In this latest Vega catalogue we have more options of louvres and matt glass diffusers used in conjunction with high intensity lamps to reduce direct and indirect glare yet giving a generally high level of illuminance.

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Ambient soft general lighting to humanize space, design and hard architectural surfaces helps to fill space with an inviting overall gentle glow. Modern lighting design bounces illumination off walls and ceilings so the lighting is sensed only after being reflected. Thus glare and bright spots are avoided and the light is flattering because it does not cast harsh shadow's on people's faces.

With wall washing the lighting will not only create a pleasing ambiance but will also make the space appear wider than it actually is.


All our optics are made of aluminium (no plastic) to maintain the highest of quality in our product.

The optical reflector is designed using computer simulation to ensure optimization of all aspects of design consideration with optimal light output ratio and optimal glare control for ensuring energy efficiency with visual comfort.

Our luminaire comes with the option of floating glass disc to enhance the aesthetic design of the downlight.

In this edition of Vega we have allowed for higher wattages of lamps to be used hence allowing for our range of energy saving compact fluorescent luminaires to be used for much higher ceilings.

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Highlighting of display objects can be done with a wide range of lamps and using adjustable downlights or a variety of other options like spotlights mounted on track, wall, ceiling or floor mounted using different accessories such as filters, lenses and gobos. These can significantly bring out the effect required of the object displayed.

This method of accent lighting uses carefully focused beams to illuminate an object, artwork, plant or architectural detail. Artistic effect is the main goal. Often accent lighting is designed to create the impression that the illumination is provided by a source that does not provide much lighting at all.

Vega offers in this catalogue adjustable downlights (both rotatable and tiltable) which allows for ease of directing the light beam for different types of light sources. To further enhance this we also allow for different beam angles of luminaires which coupled with our various available lenses and filters allows for a multitude of uses and effects to be created to meet the design requirements of todays' consultants and their ever demanding clientle

Vega luminaires are manufactured in accordance to international best practice with quality assurance controls and the use of high quality German components being applied at every stage of the manufacture. The Vega Quality Management System for Design and Development, Production and Assembly and Sales Service is in accordance to ISO 9001:2000.

All Vega luminaires are CE compliant.

In compliance with international numbering systems, we have revamped the whole numbering system for our products with the new product numbers in bold and the old numbers in italic in brackets for example: 9xxxx.000 (8xxxx).

Vega offers in this catalogue a whole range of luminaires from our old catalogue which was streamlined and added in with new programmes for trimless luminaires, lensed washers, double focus, LED enhanced luminaires and luminaires for low ceiling clearance.

Suffix Denotations:
S - Standard Electromagnetic Ballast
EB - Electronic Non Dimmable Ballast
EDB - Electronic Dimmable Ballast
N - Narrow Beam Angle
W- Wide Beam Angle

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