Vega Licht is backed by a group of well established lighting components and Luminaire manufacturers in Germany with more than 70 years experience in the lighting industry.

The need to have a complete range of high quality down-lights incorporating European approved components, stringent production at the most competitive prices, have prompted the group to form Vega Licht Asia in Malaysia.

We have an experienced team of German and Malaysian Lighting Engineers involved in the design, development and manufacture of down-lights and other light fittings in our factories. Electrical components are sourced from European manufacturers meeting IEC, ENEC, VDE and other European standards.The reflectors (Optical systems) are custom designed and tested in Germany and made to the highest standards. All other parts-high pressure die-cast rims, heat-sinks and housings are tooled and made in Malaysia. The production and assembling processes are strictly controlled to meet the highest standard. All our finished products also carry the CE mark.

The final products are shipped in completely assembled form to Europe South America, Middle East, the Asian markets and to Australasia.

Many new models are continuously added to our range to compliment with new lamp source development and market trend.

Characteristics of Vega Licht Downlights.

The Family  of Vega Licht downlights range from sizes of  110mm, 132mm, 171mm, 200mm, 230mm, 258mm up to 286mm and is used for the whole spectrum of lamps ranging from tungsten halogen lamps, par lamps, incandescent lamps, compact fluorescent lamps and metal halide lamps.

The Rims are all of high pressure die cast aluminium and powder coated to RAL 9002 colour.

Aluminium Anodised Reflectors of high aluminium purity - polished, electrolytically brightened, anodized and sealed - are used.

Heat Sinks of high pressure die cast aluminium for heat dissipation is used for all non compact fluorescent range of downlights.

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Design of Downlight Optics

Our downlight reflectors (optical system) are designed, developed and manufactured using the latest German technology and meeting the highest quality and performance standards.

The design of the Vega downlight optics was done through computer simulation to ensure that the geometry is what is required to produce optimum light output, minimum glare for the different lamps used and taking into consideration the different properties of reflection and absorption of the material of the optics.

With all the parameters defined we simulate and trace the light rays and modify the parameters to obtain the required downlight optics.

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Tracing of Light Rays in Reflector Optic Design Sequence

Optic Geometry Defining Optic Material Surface Specify Lamps in Optics
Ray Tracing Simulation 3-D View of Ray Tracing 2-D View to Determine Exact
Angles of the Rays
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